1What is Teenpatti Plus?

Teenpatti Plus is India`s best free online games.More hot games.more rewards!Get free chips and win real cash!Free for limited time!Go download it now!

2How to earn cash with Teenpatti Plus Games?

First,you should download Teenpatti Plus to get free money,then you can show your skills to win more and invite friends to get more rewards.

3How can I contact Teenpatti Plus Games Team?

Do not hesitate to contact us through email at [email protected].

4Is there a limit to how much money I can win in this game?

No, there is no limit to the money you can win in the game, but Teen Patti Plus keep track of the behaviors of game account all the time to ensure the compliance of game rules and fairness of the game.

5Why I am always losing? The dealer doesn’t give me good cards.

The card distribution is completely random. It’s just plain luck about what cards you get. TeenPatti Plus requires luck, skills, patience and consideration. Some players are very smart. It’s advised that you should play with caution.

If you are losing continuously on a table, you should switch to another table. Do not play with same group of people. Maybe they are telling each other their cards. We wish you best of luck.

6How long does it take to finish the recharge?

Normally it's an instant transaction, but sometimes the recharge may be pending with a small possibility. If the pending happens, please get contact with our customer service center.

7After I recharge money, why is the recharge pending?

If the recharge money is pending, there may be some reasons. The unstable network The bank or our game platform is still dealing with the money.

8If my recharge failed, when can I get the money back?

Normally it takes 1-21 working days for the bank to refund the money.

9How long does it take to withdraw the money?

Normally it takes hours, because after you start cash withdrawal, our game platform needs to verify the procedure. Besides, it also takes time for the bank to finish the money transferring.

10what is the maximum withdrawal money for per day?

In the Teen Patti Plus game, the user's daily withdrawal limit is 3 times and the withdrawal limit is 15000 Rs for per day.

11Why did my account get blocked?

We block Teen Patti Plus accounts if we find your involvement in phishing, hacking, any illegal activity, unauthorized transfers, transmitting repetitive messages (spamming), advertising and soliciting and posting any objectionable and offensive information. If blocked, you will see zero chips in your account.

If you are blocked for phishing, hacking, illegal activity or unauthorized transfers, your ban will be permanent. In some cases, on your request, the ban may be removed after resetting your chips.


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